The HSLDA Action PAC is the connected PAC of HSLDA Action and is a multi-candidate federal political action committee, formed to allow HSLDA Action to engage directly in the political arena. Formed in 2003, HSLDA Action PAC is dedicated to providing support and services to pro-family, pro-homeschooling candidates running for federal office. Our goal is to promote the ability of families to thrive and we pursue this goal by seeking to increase the number of pro-family, pro-homeschooling men and women in federal office.


Jim Mason

James R. Mason

Since joining HSLDA to lead the litigation team in 2001, Jim has represented homeschooling families in a wide range of challenging situations and has set precedents that have expanded freedom for the homeschool community. Under Jim's leadership, HSLDA's 4th Amendment litigation work has changed the way three states (North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico) approach social services investigations. In Wilson v Russo, HSLDA won a $700,000 settlement for our client, a single parent whose children were wrongfully seized by a rogue child protective services investigator.

Jim was instrumential in litigating the 2008 California case Jonathan L., in which a state appellate court reversed its previous ruling that homeschooling was illegal. This put an end to years of controversy over the legal status of homeschooling in California and set a precedent that affects other states as well. 

Jim became the president of HSLDA in 2022 after serving as vice president of litigation and development for seven years. In addition to penning many of the most popular articles in HSLDA's Home School Court Report magazine, Jim has written columns for National Review, Newsmax, the Sacramento Bee, and the Press-Enterprise (Riverside,California). Jim also serves as the president of HSLDA Action and the board chairman of ParentalRights.org and ParentalRightsFoundation.org.

Before coming to HSLDA, Jim represented numerous right-to-life groups in campaign finance cases and clerked for an appellate court judge in Oregon. He graduated with highest honors from Regent University School of Law in 1996. Jim is a veteran of the US Navy and served on active duty in Operation Desert Storm.

Jim and his wife Debbie live in Stephenson, Virginia. They have seven children and four grandchildren. The Masons homeschooled all of their children through high school. In his spare time, Jim is an avid bird watcher.

Jeremiah Lorrig

Jeremiah Lorrig

As the Deputy Director of Generation Joshua, Jeremiah travels across the U.S. to teach students about the principles and practice of conservative politics. He has worked with over 100 campaigns over the last decade. He has also worked for Senator Wayne Allard (CO), the National Association of Evangelicals, the Arlington Group, and of course Home School Legal Defense Association.

As one of Generation Joshua’s key strategists, Jeremiah has overseen numerous campaign deployments and coordinates GenJ’s election efforts, which involves thousands of volunteers in scores of competitive races nationwide. He has managed three PACs, and in 2011 and 2012 he represented the Young Republican National Federation in the pro-democracy, International Young Democrat Union.

When he isn’t busy doing all these things, Jeremiah likes to read. He alternates between fiction and non-fiction to maintain a balanced reading schedule. He also travels to cultural and historic sites around the world and collects pieces of history when his budget allows.